How to capture and keep fairies

Hi, it’s Grace here. Yesterday, Sparkle* and I decided that we should make a book. It’s really easy to do. You just get some paper and staple it together along one edge. Mum held the paper while I stapled. I like the clicky-clunk noise a stapler makes.

I wanted to make a book because I think most of the books about fairies are OK, but they don’t really talk about how nature and fairies work together. Did you know that every flower has a fairy to look after it? Also, my mum’s friend writes about Little Humbugs. They are REALLY cool. They help nature stay clean and beautiful all the time.

Sparkle wanted to make the book because some people like to capture fairies and try and keep them. Like insects in a jar. We both think this is VERY mean. If fairies can’t fly around all the time they can get very sick. Mummy said the best way to catch fairies is to “catch” them by drawing them and writing about them in a book. Sparkle hugged Mummy on the ear then, because she thinks that’s a GREAT idea. So please draw fairies from now on – don’t try to catch them. I’ve tried to take photographs too, but they don’t work very well.

Anyway, here’s a little bit of what Sparkle and I wrote. We haven’t finished it yet. We also did some pictures.


If you hear a rustle in the wind, it means a fairy is near. A fairy is always close if you believe in them.

The flowers that Sparkle and I love:

Jacarandas. I like the jacaranda because it sways with little flowers falling off. Fairies use the petals to make pretty purple dresses. Daddy doesn’t like them much because they keep falling in our pool.


We have Bluebells at our farm. I like them because they make the ground look happy. Fairies live in them too so you have to be careful to watch where you are walking. My Mummy found a sentence from a lady called Emily Bronte about Bluebells which I like. It says;

The blue bell is the sweetest flower
That waves in summer air
Its blossoms have the mightiest power
To soothe my spirit’s care

Forget me nots. We have 1000’s and 1000’s of forget me nots. The fairies like them because they use the petals to make headbands. Mummy says she wishes she could keep the dogs away from them because the seeds are really really sticky. She says that’s why they are called forget me nots!

Poppies. I called my toy dog Poppy, because her ears remind me of the floppy petals. Fairies use the petals of poppies as blankets or sometimes as a flying carpet. They sprinkle a bit of fairy dust on them and then can zoom all around the garden. The buds of poppies are strong and hairy. Fairies use these as boats.

Hibiscus. I am really good at drawing Hibiscus. Fairies like to make jams out of the petals and they use the pointy bit in the middle as a broom.

Daffodils. Mummy calls them daffydown dillies. That makes me and Sparkle laugh. Daffodils are very important to fairies.

We also like Pansies and Violas and Dandelions but we haven’t written about them yet. I hope you like what we wrote. We’ll try and do some more soon. I break up for summer holidays soon so we’ll have lots more time to write and draw. Bye!!!!

* Editor’s note: Sparkle is the fairy that lives on Grace’s shoulder.


7 thoughts on “How to capture and keep fairies

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  5. hi grace its gianna again, i have to warn you if you capsure a fairy and let it go(not to scare you)it might kill you!:( and i said might.hope i didnt disturb you.xoxo gianna

  6. hi grace…again im SO sorry to disturb you about what i wrote in the last comment but, if you write back to your readers on here can you tell me how you got a fairy to be your friend and show herself to you?,thanks sooooo much!:),gianna

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