Now I’m 10…

IMG_6439Morning. It’s Grace here. I can’t believe I haven’t written anything here for two whole years! Now I’m 10 and yesterday I lost another tooth. It was a huge one and the tooth fairy left me $5. When I lose all my little teeth, I have to get braces. Yuk.

Anyway, I still believe in fairies but I also like a lot of other things now too. My favourite is my dog Blossom. She is soft and squishy and one of my best friends. She sleeps on my bed (but she also sneaks into Mum’s room at night) and I feed her every night. I have to clean up her poo which is a job I really really hate.

I also LOVE One Direction. Mum says every girl in the world probably does too. I’m going to their concert soon with my Dad and I can’t wait!!!!!! I still love being outside and I still want to be a writer when I grow up. Here’s something I wrote the other day. And some photos I took. I LOVE flowers!


I run down to my favourite place. The soft canopy soars above me, it is the place where I am aware of the world. The velvet earth beneath my feet. Then the rain starts. It is as soft as a kiss from a mother to a child, the glistening drops tickle my skin as they fall from above. I sniff the air; it smells like damp. The dark grey clouds start to close in on me as the wind  whispers in my ears. The melody is so sweet it makes me let go of my senses.

My body slowly shrinks to the ground making me aware of everything. Now I realise it is pouring with rain. The soft pitter patter has stopped and there is a violent thrashing on the ground as giant drops hammer the soil. A crack of thunder startles me and I jump to my feet. The wind’s whisper is gone. Now it is howling like a lonely wolf being hunted. The lightening flashes as I try to run back inside. Then it is gone. The sprinkle of gentle rain returns and I am safe again. Everything smells clean and real. I am happy and so is the world around me.**

I hope you like it.

I haven’t gone fairy hunting for a while.  But I have taken some photos of plants and flowers.







See you soon!

**Written by me with help from Mama with tenses and stuff.


Fairies, droogs, peonies and hidey holes…

Yellow is a favourite colour of fairies. Grace Webster

Hi, it’s Grace here. I wanted to let you know about some really awesome and cool fairy homes and hidey holes Mama and I discovered recently. We visited some gardens in Europe and they were full of fairies. Mummy thinks that fairies originally came from Europe but I know that they have existed EVERYWHERE forever. Sometimes grown-ups forget that and they also forget how to look for them. We took lots of photos for you.

Poisonous looking Peony seeds

One of my favourite places was the Physic Garden in Chelsea. Mummy told me all about it. It was started by a group of people called apothecaries. They were really important because they studied plants and then learned how to use them in medicines, drugs and food. Every plant in the garden can be used by people. Some are really poisonous though unless they are used in a certain way. Some had ropes all around them and lots of signs saying “eat this and you might die!”

The lady there told us that the word for drug comes from an old dutch word “droog” which means dried plants. I thought that was really interesting. She also told us that there are over 7000 plants still being used in medicines today.

Here are some pictures for you. We found fairy homes on an old staircases, at Kew Botanic Gardens, at the Physic Garden, up a tree, in an old pot, on a window sill and underneath a huge hydrangea. Mummy and I would love to see any pictures you might have of fairy homes. I have to go now. Robin Hood is coming on the television!

Fairy stairs

Kew Gardens in a glass house. Fairies like it because it's warm.

A perfect hidey hole for frogs and fairies

A fairy home at Chelsea Physic Garden

Written by Grace with typing help from Mummy. x

The watery world of mermaids

Grace and I are delighted today to have Charley and her daughter Tess provide a guest post on My life with fairies. As Grace said, “Mermaids are the cousins of fairies so I think people would be interested in reading about them.” I think she’s right and I know they are going to LOVE the stunning images of Tess’ aunty – a real-life mermaid! Charley has her own inspirational blog called Secret Water which we both enjoy reading. I recommend you take a look.

Here’s what Tess has to say about the wonderfully watery world of mermaids:

My Life with Mermaids
Written by Tess (aged 3 and a half)
Mermaids are my favourite kind of fairy. I used to get mermaids and marmalade confused and call them mermalaids. They are also sometimes known as sea fairies because they live under the sea. I am always on the lookout for them when I’m out on the water with my family in our little boat. I haven’t seen one near where I live yet but I know they are there as they sometimes leave their mermaid necklaces behind on the beach.

My mum has started reading me a book called The Sea Fairies by the same author who wrote the Wizard of Oz. It is all about the adventures of a little girl called Trot and Cap’n Bill who meet some mermaids and go on an adventure under the sea:

….Rising from the blue water was a fair face around which floated a mass of long blonde hair. It was a sweet girlish face with eyes of the same deep blue as the water and red lips whose dainty lips disposed two rows of pearly teeth. The cheeks were plump and rosy, the brows gracefully pencilled, while the chin was rounded and had a pretty dimple in it…

…a new face even fairer than the other with a wealth of brown hair wreathing the lovely features, And the eyes smiled kindly into those of the child. “Are you a – a mermaid?” asked Trot curiously. She was not a bit afraid. They seemed both gentle and friendly.

“Yes, dear,” was the soft answer.

“We are all mermaids” chimed a laughing chorus, and here and there, all about the boat, appeared pretty faces lying just upon the surface of the water.

“Are you part fishes?” asked Trot…

“No we are all mermaid,” replied the one with the brown hair, The fishes are partly like us, because they live in the sea and must move about. And you are partly like us, dear, but have awkward stiff legs so you may walk on the land. But the mermaids lived before fishes and before mankind, so both have borrowed something from us.”

“Then you must be fairies if you’ve lived always,” remarked Trot nodding wisely.

“We are dear. We are the water fairies.”

People often say awful things about mermaids for example that they cause shipwrecks, but actually its the other way around, mermaids look out for seafarers and try to steer them away from danger. Here is a photo of a really famous mermaid who has her own statue in Copenhagen. She is “The Little Mermaid” that Hans Christian Anderson wrote about in the fairytale.
I know that Mermaids are real because my Aunty La La is a mermaid. She has a beautiful tail with green and blue scales. Here are some photos of her. Isn’t she just lovely?

Thank you so much Tess. We think your Aunty is awesome. I wonder what other people think?
with love and fairy wishes from Grace x

Fungi, fairies and a fertile imagination…

Hi, it’s Grace here. I wanted to write about a really awesome thing that happened to me when I was on holidays. We spent all our time at the farm which is always fun, especially the Easter Egg hunt. We got 100s! I hunted for them without my shoes on and my feet got so cold they felt like they were burning. We found egg wrappers in the paddocks later that day and Mummy says a fox must have taken a few!

We went hunting for fairies, Mummy and I planted seeds into our vegetable garden and we made a nest for Easter. But that’s not what was really good. We visited Mama’s friend, Jennie Churchill who has an awesome garden called Kiloren. Mummy said it was designed by Edna Walling who is quite famous. Her name reminds me of Enid Blyton who wrote some of my favourite books, especially The Magic Faraway Tree. I think Edna must believe in magic because the garden was FULL of cool hiding places for fairies and water sprites and tree fairies. There were lots of big trees and ponds and paths that went all over the garden.

My cousins and I played hide and seek there. There was heaps of fairy moss and tiny, tiny flowers called Cyclamens and lots of acorns. But what was best of all, I found some PERFECT fairy mushrooms. I have never, ever seen them before and I was so excited. They made me want to whisper because I knew fairies and deep magic must be about. Mummy said we couldn’t pick them so instead Jennie took some photos. I wanted to put them here so that everyone who believes in fairies knows what they look like. I wish that they grew in my garden.

I don’t think they can grow in my garden so Mama and I are going to get some normal mushrooms and paint them red with food dye and stick bits of white icing on top. Then I’ll be able to eat them! Yum. Mummy said that if anyone who reads this has fairy mushrooms in their garden, I should ask them to send me some photos. Can you do that please?

Mummy also told me Jennie is selling Kiloren. I WISH we could buy it. Mummy said she wished that too….

Written by Grace with typing and editing help from Mummy.

Never say it out loud or you’ll kill a fairy.

This morning Mummy and I were running really late for school. I couldn’t find my sneakers and I had a tennis lesson. We were both in a big panic. I went to look on our verandah and then I saw the most horrible thing. A fairy’s wing lying on the ground. Mummy thought it belonged to a Dragonfly but I’m sure it belongs to a fairy. We have put it on some leaves and I hope the fairy isn’t dead and that maybe her friends can help sow it back on.

I think this happened because someone said “I don’t believe in fairies”. I don’t even like writing that. Because if you say it, somewhere a fairy dies. I hope it wasn’t my brother that said it. So PLEASE even if you don’t believe in them, just think it, don’t say it. I think you also have to clap your hands when you say “I believe in fairies”. It makes them happy.

I will be sad at school today.

Love Grace

Posted with typing and editing help from Mummy.

Orange spiders, fairies without wings… one little girl’s holiday experience

Hi everybody. Happy New Year. Yesterday I was so excited because the magazine called Little Angel printed an interview they did with me last year. It’s about my blog and why I like writing about fairies. They also gave me a really cool present, which are some craft boxes that I can decorate and some stamps and a funky pen. Thanks Little Angel!!

This year I am in Year 3. I was really pleased because this year I got a male teacher for the first time ever. Sparkle thought that was amazing news.

She and I had a great time over the holidays. We spent most of our time in our pool. Sparkle has to take her wings off when she swims. It makes me laugh because then she just looks like a little person but she is still very pretty. When it rains, she sometimes takes them off as well and puts them in her bag which is waterproof. I didn’t know fairies could do that! She climbed the palm tree beside our pool while she had her wings off. That made her REALLY tired.

We also went to our farm for a while over the holidays. Sparkle rode on a sheep and had great fun. She also climbed lots of trees with me. She also likes hanging out with the butterflies in our butterfly bush. Sparkle likes hiding in the sunflowers at my farm. She got a fright when she saw the orange spider there. Can you see it? Mummy took the photo and it took me ages to see it.

I am trying really hard to do great hand stands. Sometimes, Sparkle helps me, by holding my feet to keep me steady. She is such a good friend.

Well, I had better go now. I will try and write again soon.

Love from Grace.

How to capture and keep fairies

Hi, it’s Grace here. Yesterday, Sparkle* and I decided that we should make a book. It’s really easy to do. You just get some paper and staple it together along one edge. Mum held the paper while I stapled. I like the clicky-clunk noise a stapler makes.

I wanted to make a book because I think most of the books about fairies are OK, but they don’t really talk about how nature and fairies work together. Did you know that every flower has a fairy to look after it? Also, my mum’s friend writes about Little Humbugs. They are REALLY cool. They help nature stay clean and beautiful all the time.

Sparkle wanted to make the book because some people like to capture fairies and try and keep them. Like insects in a jar. We both think this is VERY mean. If fairies can’t fly around all the time they can get very sick. Mummy said the best way to catch fairies is to “catch” them by drawing them and writing about them in a book. Sparkle hugged Mummy on the ear then, because she thinks that’s a GREAT idea. So please draw fairies from now on – don’t try to catch them. I’ve tried to take photographs too, but they don’t work very well.

Anyway, here’s a little bit of what Sparkle and I wrote. We haven’t finished it yet. We also did some pictures.


If you hear a rustle in the wind, it means a fairy is near. A fairy is always close if you believe in them.

The flowers that Sparkle and I love:

Jacarandas. I like the jacaranda because it sways with little flowers falling off. Fairies use the petals to make pretty purple dresses. Daddy doesn’t like them much because they keep falling in our pool.


We have Bluebells at our farm. I like them because they make the ground look happy. Fairies live in them too so you have to be careful to watch where you are walking. My Mummy found a sentence from a lady called Emily Bronte about Bluebells which I like. It says;

The blue bell is the sweetest flower
That waves in summer air
Its blossoms have the mightiest power
To soothe my spirit’s care

Forget me nots. We have 1000’s and 1000’s of forget me nots. The fairies like them because they use the petals to make headbands. Mummy says she wishes she could keep the dogs away from them because the seeds are really really sticky. She says that’s why they are called forget me nots!

Poppies. I called my toy dog Poppy, because her ears remind me of the floppy petals. Fairies use the petals of poppies as blankets or sometimes as a flying carpet. They sprinkle a bit of fairy dust on them and then can zoom all around the garden. The buds of poppies are strong and hairy. Fairies use these as boats.

Hibiscus. I am really good at drawing Hibiscus. Fairies like to make jams out of the petals and they use the pointy bit in the middle as a broom.

Daffodils. Mummy calls them daffydown dillies. That makes me and Sparkle laugh. Daffodils are very important to fairies.

We also like Pansies and Violas and Dandelions but we haven’t written about them yet. I hope you like what we wrote. We’ll try and do some more soon. I break up for summer holidays soon so we’ll have lots more time to write and draw. Bye!!!!

* Editor’s note: Sparkle is the fairy that lives on Grace’s shoulder.